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Sifu Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was born in 1940 in San Francisco. His Father  was Lee Hoi Chuen, a singer with the Chinese Cantonese Opera. When Bruce Lee was still a baby ,his family returned to Kowloon New Territories of Hong Kong at the age of five,  where young Bruce Lee started appearing as a supporter in minor films. Bruce Lee later attended La Salle College when he met his only claimed Sifu, Master of Arts , Ip Man.

Cornered by some dishonourable, a young Bruce Lee was battle torn by a street gang, who inspired him, to take up martial arts training under the tutelage of Ip Man. Upon acceptance,Ip Man  schooled Bruce Lee in the art of  Wing Chun for approximately five years. Wing Chun was the only formalized martial arts training  undertaken by Bruce Lee and he continued to learn from Ip Man until his death in 1972.

 In 1958 Bruce Lee enjoyed dancing the Cha Cha and in 1958 he won the Crown Colony Cha-Cha Championship,.

With the Wing Chun’s teachings of Confucianism Budahism and Taoism,  Bruce Lee majored in philosophy, at the University of Washington USA.

After 1964 Long Beach International Karate Tournament, Bruce Lee was noticed by a Hollywood producer, where Bruce Lee was given a led role in the television show The Green Hornet. This created into more movies and shows, in Hollywood  appeared in Marlowe, the TV series Longstreet, Blondie and The Wrecking Crew. Bruce Lee  had a belief of not playing a belittling image, roles like a hopping pigtailed China man with buck teeth and glasses. Bruce Lee wanted to give respect to all cultures, being all as interesting characters . Bruce Lee helped change the racist out look into positive fight for good, and was one of the the first catorgory, of action films.

Bruce Lee made a change how Chinese were portrayed on western television and opened doors to many others.

After betrayal of Bruce Lees starring and thieft of his ideas, of the tv show Kung Fu, Bruce Lee returned to Hong Kong with his wife and two children to work with the Movie film maker,  Raymond Chow. He signed a two movie contracts for "The Big Boss" (known as "Fists of Fury" in the US) and "Fist of Fury" (known as "The Chinese Connection" in the US).

Every Bruce Lee movie broke all previously known movie box office records in Hong Kong and started a wide western following. Bruce Lee then directed his first movie - The Way of the Dragon but tragically this was the last complete movie  where the tower of death was not completed by Bruce Lee . As the finishing ends were being made on "Enter the Dragon" a year after Ip Man, Bruce Lee passed away in 1973.

Bruce Lee left a legacy that continues to inspire people around the world to pursue martial arts skills over just  only brute force.

The style of fighting Bruce Lee used in his movies was one he slowed down for film capture. While he didn't believe that violence should be the theme of movies, he recognized that it could not be ignored. "I don't call the fighting in my films 'violent', I call it 'action'.

Throughout his life Bruce Lee only claimed one Sifu.

 This was Sifu Ip Man and Wing Chun.

Recognized and idolized mainly for his fighting skills, Wing Chun supplied Bruce Lee the legend that he was and still continues to be. Through martial arts, Bruce Lee knew himself, and stayed humane, and true to himself despite the fame that came with his movies. He shows what a person can achieve when they progress and accomplish themselves in ways to be expressive with character.

Wing Chun Martial Arts is ultimately an athletic expression of the human body and increases education, endurance, tolerance, gives strengthening fitness and friends without  need for competition.

Meanwhile Bruce Lee continued his martial arts training and taught Wing Chun. But when disrespected by students over his Wing Chun status, Bruce Lee changed his school name to "Jeet Kune Do" - The way of intercepting the fist, named after one  of  Wing Chuns skills. He then  gave Wing Chun, only to his closest,  and certified only one student in Wing Chun- James Lee . Some others were to train spar with Bruce Lee to aid to his return to Hong Kong Sparring and Ip Man lessons.

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