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Martial Arts Masters - about us.

Wing Chun is a system using weapons and unarmed combat.   It  was  taken to Hong Kong by the famous Ip Man, who passed the complete Wing Chun to his sons.

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Wing Chun is famous in the West, thanks to the first “Western MMA” Martial Artist, and Movie Star,       Bruce Lee, who trained 5 years Wing Chun with  Ip Man

But Wing Chun was first, mma famous, in the Asia East as the first “Eastern MMA.”

A few hundred years ago, Wing Chun`s name and origin lineage came from Crane Temple Lady Master Ng Mui, who adjoined with her fellow Shaolin Masters of various fighting styles in a place called Shaolin. This combination of killing Arts, came together to defeat a treacherous, traitor who plunged all of their Country into a dark age.

After long searching, Ng Mui used Wing Chun to defeat their Countries traitor.This lineage passes to many famous in history including Ip Man and Bruce Lee from Hong Kong.

Today certified Lineage is available to those living in NZ Oceania.

Wing Chun -  And You

Our aim is also to help good people with an unique defender attainment and self defense. We train in a safe place to learn skills without pressure. Wing Chun Lessons will give progress by using fun. Education is powerful and an advantage if understood. Balanced your body systems/ energies and enhanced instead of depleting. Safety is always number one. Train your power on the woodman dummy. Impact blocking or muscle arts, can cause long term deep pain, of pulled ligaments, inflamation, misalignment, tear ing, etc… where good Wing Chun uniquely, has no  injuries from training, but increased health and fun excitement. Correct practise on correct tools, do not require damage to self or partner. Improve with Wing Chun fun.

Accomplishments are fun and easy. Because it is not competitive, there is no pressure or need for winners and losers. No judges, only helpers and tutors.  Practise makes perfect. Perfect is like remembering  your password with easy learning from fun use.

Wing Chun gives skills you can see and use, in life, competition and also in different sports, to dire life events.   With the power to disable, it does not mean you should go around making disabled people. But train your skills and reactions in a safe minded fun enviroment is our goal, to strengthen health and Defender Skills.

Wing Chun - Who is Sifu Tony Brooks

Tony Brooks trained and uniquely Teacher Certified in Hong Kong  by Ip Mans Sons,  in Ip Mans school and home. He is listed as noteable certified student.

 Sifu Tony was taught in Ip Mans and Bruce Lees hometown of Hong Kong.

Sifu Tony is grateful to Sifu Ip Ching and Sifu Ip Chun, and commends, all his fighting skills and wins, to their teachings.

Wing Chun - Basic Laws.

 Those who use Wing Chun to bully, harrass, or any unethical things, Wing Chun Jo Fen laws explain,

 it is no longer called Wing Chun, as the bad acts are now called by the offenders name.

In Wing Chun laws, Good can not be called bad, as Wing Chun was made to help the good, self preservation, and fairness of others. Not selfish persuits.

The Wing Chun law states, if a person misused Wing Chun, then the offenders can not be part of Wing Chuns good intentions or its creators name.

Wing Chun - Learning afar

Wing Chun can be taught by words, books,  videos, skype, classes or personal lessons but the best way is where a teacher can show and see to  give advice, to fix or adjust, any incorrect motions or problems you are doing. With correction comes progress.

 For people wanting to certify and learn from outter areas of our classes, people

 can zoom classes or personal tuition for groups by contacting our office email or

Text/ph 006422044 2829

Wing Chun - Classes

 Wing Chun Classes include different areas to attend without any extra cost.

 There is no joining fee or contracts.

 No hidden costs.

 A free Membership Certificate and Lineage Certificate, is available on first fee tuition.

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