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Chinese martial artist

Occupation Martial artist

Country China

Date of birth 1936

Family   Father: Ip Man

The details   Biography

Ip Ching (born 07 July 1936) is a Chinese martial artist. He is one of five still-living Grandmasters of the Ip Man (Yip Man) family of Wing Chun Kung Fu.


Ip Ching born in Foshan, China in 1936) is the second eldest son of Yip Man. At a young age Ip Ching started his training along with his brother Ip Chun, under his master Yip Man (also his father). However this was short lived as his father had to leave and travel to Hong Kong in search of a better life for his family.

In 1962 Ip Ching and his older brother Ip Chun were reunited with their father in Hong Kong. Ip Ching resumed his training under Ip Man's direct guidance. Yip Man taught from his home and today this is where Ip Ching resides. As well as learning Wing Chun at his father's home Ip Ching also was an avid observer of his father teaching other students. In turn gaining valuable insight on his father’s teaching methods.

After Yip Man's death in 1972, Ip Ching continued teaching whilst running a manufacturing business. In 1994 he retired from his work and decided to open his doors to full-time, teaching Wing Chun, to Wing Chun Director Sifu Ron Heimburger, Garner Train, Eric Lee and across the globe.

Students:  Sam Hing Fai Chan, Garner Train, Eric Lee, Ron Heimburger - (Director), Tony Brooks - (Certified Sifu)