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Sifu Ip Ching was born in Fosh Shan, South China in 1936. He is the second  son of Sifu Ip Man. At a young age Sifu Ip Ching trained, under his famous Wing Chun Father, Ip Man, who had inherited Wing Chun from famous Father to Son, (Bone breaker and setter ) Leung Jan- Leung Bik to Prodical Son, Ip Man- his sons, and to us today. Why is this special, is because what a teacher teaches a student compared to what a teacher teaches his own son, can vary.

Ip Man Taught in Hong Kong( also Bruce Lees hometown) but indoor students, learnt from his home where where,  Sifu Ip Ching lived with his father.  Sifu Ip Ching  was professed as the only complete made Sifu by Ip Man and Sifu Ip Ching also became his father’s assistant. This happened until 1972 when Ip Man died.

Both Sifu Ip Ching and his brother Sifu Ip Chun were taught normal and special versions of Wing Chun by their father - including wooden man and weapons, long and short range to complete all types.

Ip Mans Son, Sifu Ip Ching

After Sifu Ip Ching graduated high school, and College he started his own successful textile company.

Sifu Ron Heimburger travelled to many places to find Sifu Ip Ching and became one of the few people, including Sifu Tony, to be accepted for personal training by him at School and home.

Time with Dad, gave Sifu Ip Ching great advantage, and Sifu Ip Ching also taught a few from the house he lived with his Dad, Ip Man. Today the house has now passed to Si Mo.

Ip Man taught many people Wing Chun, and there was indoor, outdoor and complete family style. Generally Ip Man taught Siu lim tao and Chum Kiu.

With life events, few Indoor students learnt the wooden man and  Biu gee.  A handful learnt one of the weapons.

Ip Mans dedicated Sons, uniquely completed the Wing Chun System, and we can enjoy the system as passed from Father to Sons.

Living with Ip Man, there was no better situation and education. Sifu Ip Ching taught seminars, but this did not mean you were a student on the roll book.  Tea Ceremony was very unique for the few indoor students were normal students did not attend.

Peacefully, on 25th of January 2020, Grand Master Sifu Ip Ching passed away.

The world has lost another fantastic, magical person who is greatly missed.

Grand Master Sifu Ip Ching

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Sifu Ip Ching taught and tutored many but he certified only a small handful few, like his father Ip Man.

 Being taught and being Certified are two different attainments.

Sadly with Sifu Ip Chings passing, so many lost the opportunity to be completed or taught.

So many claim Sifu Ip Ching but who did Sifu Ip Ching himself claim ?

Who was actually accepted as indoor student or class student or seminar spectator, and who was Certified as Sifu, not a first level Siu lim Tao, or Membership Certificate, but to the highest levels of Sifu Ip Chings School, being  Sifu Certificate Levels ?

 Did Sifu Ip Ching want anyone to be Senior Certified student and did anyone come up to his standard ? Who did he endorse while he was alive ?

Are there examples ?

Dad, Sifu Ip Man taught the mass students  to 2nd level, Chum Kiu including student Bruce Lee.(First fighting level of Wing Chun)

Upon Sifu Ip Chings Death, some teachers,learners, opportunists, and exploiters, added themselves to        Sifu Ip Chings Wikipedia, dishonourably as Certified Sifus. They were not there when Sifu Ip Ching was alive but magically appeared after his tragic Death. They would not have dared when Sifu Ip Ching was alive or they would be expelled.

Why would so many want to impersonate those who actually walked the steps with Sifu Ip Ching ?

 Was this to mislead students for money ?

Sifu Ip Chings Schools/students, know each other and for so many part time students, etc, to suddenly claim what they have not achieved, is dishonourable to Sifu Ip Ching, his family and School.

Although many claim Sifu Ip Ching as their teacher/Sifu because of a seminar, is radical.

This is not the normal way Sifu Ip Ching, took or accepted students, nor his way of qualification.

On Sifu Ip Chings personal website, he denounced many who exploited meeting him, simply to misuse his name, and endorse themselves without permission, or Certification from Sifu Ip Ching.

Sifu Ip Ching taught students who know each other, and special students also Si Mo.

Below are sites where Sifu Ip Chings special students were named by Sifu Ip Ching himself when he was alive.

Many qualified trades oppose unqualified imposters, and that is why there are code numbers on certificates.

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