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This Wing Chun Mixed Martial Art system is taught  in a accredited structured curriculum with certification as students learn fun progressive skills. There is four main levels and two multi range Weapons. As Wing Chun was the first MMA of Asia,  Bruce Lee first taught Wing Chun to the West  to create the first Western MMA.

1. Beginners - Siu Lim Tao Level. Control of energy direction, with many tactics to generate free  power. Sparring skills starts with single partner. Learn to detor and deflect impact forces instead of absorbing the impact with blocking.     Siu Lim Tao drills can be performed on the wooden man or with a partner. Famous Wing Chun Chi Sau is taught after basics. Also along with various kick  defence, weapon basics, plus first levels of body guarding, and multiple opponents.

2. Primary  - Chum Kiu. Added with special kicks and foot work that all aid Bodyguard and Multiple opponents, who may carry weapons. Ground fighting is pushed to standing, when topic is multiple opponents. Wing Chun chokes, locks, traps, breaks, advance kicks and tactical strikes are part of Chum Kiu completion topics. Chum Kiu end level, completes a person to the first level of a Wing Chun Fighter.

  Grand Master Ip Man, completed the mass majority of students, at this level but, gave only a handful, of dedicated people his name and /or Certified them, although multi millions  claim   Ip Man today.

After these two levels, Siu Lim Tao and Chum Kiu, you are now considered a capable level of defence. Those who choose to continue and want to expand from primary to intermediate, are welcome to learn the Muk Yang Jong, The Wooden Man Level.

3. Intermediate Wooden man - These motions bring different levels together as one and combines different forces and skills into a mass of option and control.

4. Proficient - Biu Jee - -Special maim strikes, grappling, and releases, work with special motions, footwork,  combined with Yin Yang levels bring terror options for Chum kiu and breaks pressured traps and locks with releases.

5. Advanced - Weapons. -Sifu Ip Man taught only one of two main weapons except to Son Ip Ching who learnt both. These cover all weapons - long range to close range. Both of these are taught to those interested in completion and mastery.

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