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Ip Ching (born Ip Hok-ching; 7 July 1936 – 25 Jan­u­ary 2020) was a Chi­nese mar­tial artist. He was one of five Grand­mas­ters of the Ip Man (Yip Man) fam­ily of Wing Chun Kung Fu .


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He was born Ip Hok-ching in Fos­han in 1936[1] as the sec­ond son of Ip Man and his wife Che­ung Wing-sing. This was short lived as his par­ents and his sis­ter Ip Nga-sum had to leave and travel to Hong Kong in about 1950 in search of a bet­ter life for the fam­ily, with only his mother and sis­ter re­turned home later on.

In 1962, due to the Cul­tural Rev­o­lu­tion, Ip Ching and his older brother Ip Chun were forced to leave Fos­han and moved to Hong Kong to join their fa­ther.

His fa­ther Ip Man taught from his home. At one point his fa­ther walked out of his home to live else­where due to a dis­pute with him and Ip Chun over his Shang­hai mis­tress and his il­le­git­i­mate son Ip Siu-wah. His fa­ther barely in­ter­acted with him and his brother since then, ex­cept for their train­ing lessons.

As well as learn­ing Wing Chun at his fa­ther's home, Ip Ching also was an avid ob­server of his fa­ther teach­ing other stu­dents. In turn gain­ing valu­able in­sight on his fa­ther's teach­ing meth­ods.

After Ip Man's death in 1972, Ip Ching left the train­ing hall but con­tin­ued to re­side in his fa­ther's home. He later ran a man­u­fac­tur­ing busi­ness in Lam Tei, New Ter­ri­to­ries, and con­tin­ued to teach Wing Chun pri­vately to his dis­ci­ples in his home.

In 1994, he re­tired and de­voted him­self to full-time teach­ing in Wing Chun.

He served as a Wing Chun con­sul­tant along­side his brother Chun in Ip Man 3.

He died on 25 Jan­u­ary 2020.

Notable students

Sam Chan Hing Fai

Garner Train

Eric Lee

Ron Heimberger

Tony Brooks - Certified Sifu



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