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Grand Master Ip Chun - Ip Man’s first Son

From 1985 Sifu Ip Chun has travelled the world to promote and conduct Wing Chun seminars, and in return has been given many accolades, before he semi retired in 2001 but continues on teaching his Wing Chun classes in Hong Kong and Shatin.

In 1992 he set up the Ip Chun Wing Chun Kuen Martial Arts Association to certify and authenticate senior students who attained instructor level under his personal tuition in Hong Kong and whom, with his express permission, to teach around the world. Sifu Ip Chun has only approximately 20 certified Sifus, also including Sifu Tony Brooks.

Today,  sifu Ip Chun is one of the most successful Wing Chun teachers in Hong Kong and was a star performer and also Co Director of the     Ip Man movies with his brother sifu Ip Ching .

Sifu Ip Chun was born in Foshan South China. He learnt Wing Chun from his Father Ip Man, in China and Hong Kong.

When Chinese Communist took control in 1949, life was tougher and his Father Ip Man was forced to search for a better home for the family. And settled for Hong Kong.

Young Ip Chun  Ip Chun studied at University, Chinese history and traditional Chinese music. He also learnt about Chinese Philosophy, Buddhism and Chinese Poetry.

Sifu Ip Chun liked to tutor as a Profession and taught Chinese History, Science, and Music. He also helped organise Chinese Operas for the Foshan Entertainment Department. Sifu Ip Chun was also awarded “The person with the most potential in Chinese art” , a prize for music research.

 In 1962, Mao Tze Tung's policies and campaigns momented Ip Chun to left China for Hong Kong, where he lived with his father Ip Man and Brother Ip Ching.

Sifu Ip Chun worked as an accountant and newspaper reporter, at the same time in the evenings he trained in  Wing Chun classes with his father, Ip Man.

Uniquely special Wing Chun skills have been passed down  from father to sons - Sifu Ip Chun and Sifu Ip Ching.

(Sifu Leung Jan, son, Sifu Leung Bik, Sifu Ip Man, sons, Sifu Ip Chun/Sifu Ip Ching) Master Ip Chun trained with his father most nights and his home, with Grandmaster Ip Man in Mong Kok where was his special Wing Chun school.  Master Ip Chun was able to see and study his father's Wing Chun and his teaching methods. 1967 Sifu Ip Chun Started teaching Wing Chun in Hong Kong with his father's endorsements.  In 1970 Sifu Ip Chun taught a Wing Chun school in Ho Man Tin.

On 1 December 1972 Grandmaster Ip Man passed away at the age of 79. Weeks before passing,  Ip Man gave energy to show Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu and Muk Yan Jong forms on 8 mm film to record and preserve the Wing Chun system. Ip Man gave this crucial piece of film footage to his two sons for posterity. As to his father's wishes, Sifu Ip Chun has carried on his teachings, keeping Wing Chun fighting skills, moral ethics and its principles & concepts alive

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